This year, we went on our third cruise. We were supposed to go to Cozumel again, but because this has been one helluva year for hurricanes--and Ivan was lurking between Miami and Cozumel--we ended up sailing to the Bahamas instead. We were disappointed to miss Cozumel, but since we'd never been to the Bahamas before, we were glad to have the chance to go there.

This was our ship, the Fascination. This is the same ship we were on last year.
Here's Marshall, as we arrived in Nassau. This is at the end of the pier, just before you get into town.
This is the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island. We talked about going over there to check it out, but we never made it. Next time, maybe!

Here's the Straw Market, which is the reason we were too tired to go to Paradise Island. This place was intense!

Hurricane Frances destroyed the market when it hit, and this was their first day to reopen in a temporary location.

Here's a closer view of some of the booths. I wish the picture could show you how far back it goes, and I'll have to get Lee to write a description of our shopping experience. I liked it; she hated it after about 5 minutes. Didn't keep her from buying stuff, though!
Here's Sheri getting her hair braided. Braiding seems to be a big business in Nassau.
Here are Candace, Barb, and Ashley.


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