Dressed to the Hilt (DTTH) is ShevilleAfterDark's annual get-all-dressed-up party. It's one of the highlights of the year.


This year we had trouble finding a suitable restaurant location, so we did it a little differently and made it a potluck in a hotel banquet room. Sheri and Lindsay did a great job with the decorations, and everyone brought wonderful food. I have to say that the food was most definitely better than anything we ever had at McGuffy's!



Barb, Candace, Marg and Gail. (It seems I had a blurry spot on my camera lens. Sorry.)



Barb, Candace, Marg, Gail, Tara, Kelly, and Lindsay



Another group shot with Onna and Patsy on the fringes of this one.




Jill and Onna





Sheri and Tara




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