Everyone really outdid themselves on the costumes this year! Next year, we need to work on some great prizes for the contest.

Here are your hosts, Morticia and Gomez (aka Jeri and Lee). Gotta love the smoking jacket!


Barb and Candace as Sonny & Cher


Sheri and Tara as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan


Sisters Mary and Amelia



Joie and Krista as a kissing booth and...um...whatever Krista was. LOL



Darlene in her wonderful frog prince cosutme (she made this!)



Kelly and Lindsay...I can't remember exactly what Kelly was, and who cares when she's standing next to Lindsay dressed like that?? ;-)


Kat, Kat, and Jenn, looking lovely



Another one of Sheri and Tara


Barb and Candace again





Sadly, that's all the pictures I have from 2003. Be sure to check out the 2002 pictures to see the decorations!


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