When we bought this house over 3 years ago, we went out and got this gorgeous fabric to re-cover the couch. In fact, this fabric is the reason the living room walls have been this color for the past 2 1/2 years! A couple of weeks ago, some friends gave us this couch and we decided this was the perfect couch for the fabric.....so I took the plunge and covered it. Doesn't it look great in the room?


Here's a slightly broader view of the living room. I painted the lamps bright yellow, to go with the yellow in the upholstery fabric. Eventually there will be a wicker chair to replace the antique wooden chair that you see.

This is blurry, but here is the wall over the entertainment center. A large ugly mirror used to hang there. To the right is a paper lantern that really gives great ambience to the whole room.



The dining room has one corner that has various purple plates and a calligraphy print of "When I'm an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple." That seemed like the perfect spot for this painting that Miranda did for me for Mother's Day. It looks even better there in person than it does in the photo!

I also finally framed this leaf print that Marshall made in school a couple of years ago. It looks really good on the dining room wall.




We pulled up the icky carpet in Miranda's room and found the wood floor in pretty good condition underneath. The room is a bit of a wreck in this picture, thanks to Rick, but at least you can see the floor!

A few months ago, I decided to start painting, even though I have no artistic ability whatsoever. Here is my very first painting. While it was drying, Sissy (one of our cats) peed on it! Everyone's a critic....sheesh....


Here's the second one. I was kind of proud of this one....not to mention shocked that she actually looked like what she was supposed to be! LOL


Here is the second heart I did, at Miranda's request.

More to come as we progress in our redecorating!




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