On July 18, U.S. Cellular opened for business in St. Louis, MO. I was one of the many associates from around the country who came to St. Louis to provide support during the first few weeks of the launch.



I was assigned to the Telegraph Plaza store. Here's Jeremy, Sales Supervisor at that location. He does a mean impression of Milton from the movie "Office Space." ;-)

Avonda, Karen, and Holly. Avonda and Holly work at the Telegraph Plaza store, and Karen was another member of the support staff. She lives in Oregon.



Britta and Katie, two more members of the awesome Telegraph Plaza team.




Katie, Karen, Holly, Britta, and Avonda.

Avonda, striking a pose.
Avonda, Britta, Holly, me, and Katie. This whole team is so awesome and is doing so well that they barely needed us--rising stars, every one of them!

Several people were off the day I took the first round of pictures, but I couldn't leave them out!

This is Del, another member of the Telegraph Plaza team.

And here's Matt..
Brent is a store manager from Iowa, another one of the support staff for this week. He bought us Imo's pizza for lunch our last day, which was one of the highlights of my visit! It's worth going to St. Louis just for the pizza, if you ask me.
Becky and Karen. Becky is from Racine, Wisconsin, and she says "bag" really funny. We all loved it. :-)
Becky, Brent, and Karen
(clockwise) Becky, Britta, Matt, Holly, Katie, Del
Jeremy didn't like his other picture, so we tried again.
Britta, Katie, Jeremy, and Del find out from one of St. Louis County's finest how the child I.D./DNA kits work. The kits will be given away as part of the store's grand opening.

I have to say again how much I enjoyed getting to know all the fine people at this store, along with the other support staff. Sentimental sap that I am, I cried when it was time to say goodbye. I really will miss each and every one, including Damian and Jennifer, who managed to be off both days I brought the camera. Damn them. :-)

There are 8 (yes, 8!) more pages of pictures from St. Louis....click the link below if you want to see how I spent my non-working time!




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