Who doesn't like food? It's one of my favorite things, that's for sure. I love to collect recipes and cookbooks, as well as come up with my own goodies. The plan is to share lots of them here. I've got a few up already; if you take a look at my sample menu, it links to my recipes for about a month's worth of yummy but very lowfat recipes.

I will add more recipes as time permits.

The best recipe site out there, in my opinion, is Recipezaar. It's got lots of really handy features--you can create your own cookbook, and it's got a good search feature, and it'll make your grocery list for you based on the recipes you choose--but what I like best about it is that the recipes feature reviews and ratings by other users of the site. Definitely check it out.

The best vegetarian recipe site, hands down, is VegWeb. It has many of the same features I love about Recipezaar, and hundreds (maybe thousands!) of vegetarian and vegan recipes.






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