We don't have a lot of pictures from this year's party, but there are some great costumes here! This year, we had a contest.

First, though, the decorations....

We had several additions to the front yard area this year: the monster next to the stairs, and there's one sitting in a chair on the porch that's not very visible here.


Here's the one sitting in the chair. This was one of my favorites. His head lit up.


The mummy was moved to the front yard this year, and given a torch and a sign. I think I like him much better here.


We also added a new ghost to the front yard. We need to get a more invisible line to hang it from, though!



Here's the ghost in the porch window with the blacklight on.



And here's the mummy without any flash. Creepy, huh? And can you see the monster in the window behind him? There's another picture of that one further down the page.



Here's a closer view of the front window ghost.


And a better view of the monster beside the steps. He needs a better frame for his body, so that's on the list of things to do for next Halloween.



Here's the monster you can sort of see in the background of the dark mummy picture. This one was lit by a strobe light, and the effect was so much better than you can tell from this picture!


The front cemetary. The grim reaper got a new position this year, and we added some blue lighting. It was one of the best things we did this year! The blue light and the fog really made for a lot of atmosphere.



You can kind of get the idea here.




The back cemetary...again with a newly positioned grim reaper, and new lighting.

Closeups of the jack-o-lanterns.


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