We camped at Cheoah Point on Lake Santeetlah. What a gorgeous place! Here are some of the photos I took while there. (Be warned: I'm big on scenery and dead trees!)

This is the cove where our campsite was located.


The water was so clear! It was really beautiful.


Here's Lisa in the tent. This is the only shot I actually got of the campsite itself. Go figure.

Most of my time was spent lying in a hammock, reading or just being. Here's the view from the left side of my hammock......


and here's the view to the right.

This was a fallen tree in our campsite. Insects had made it into something like a condominium complex. (See, this is the kind of weird stuff I take pictures of.)

This was the sunset on our first night there. This is the view from our campsite.

And here's a sunset on another night, taken from my hammock.


Dawn wasn't too shabby, either. I love that time of day, when everything is all the same color--only different shades.


We went to the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest while we were there. It was awe-inspiring. Those pictures are here.




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